About Your Trip 
We make every effort to welcome international patients and help them feel comfortable with travel to and from the network of Tenet Florida hospitals.



What To Expect

To facilitate the travel planning process, patients must notify the International Patient Concierge Center of their travel arrangements at least 48 hours before arrival with airport, airline and flight number; time and date of arrival; names of accompanying family members; and any special needs such as wheelchairs or language assistance.

The International Patient Representative can help patients organize travel to and from their hospital appointments. For initial appointments, patients are required to arrive to the hospital or medical office 30 minutes early to complete all necessary documentation. An initial appointment typically includes a discussion of medical history (including past medical conditions, current symptoms and family history) as well as a physical examination. A doctor may request further testing, diagnosis or treatment options, which the International Patient Representative will coordinate.

Upon completion of treatment, the International Patient Representative will assist with travel preparations, getting the patient comfortably to the airport and, ultimately, back home. To facilitate seamless care, a medical coordinator will forward a comprehensive treatment record to the patient’s referring physician. This includes records of surgery or treatment, medications and prescriptions, and recommendations for physical therapy if needed. Our physicians will be available to personally speak with the patient’s referring physician to provide an in-depth account of the patient’s treatment plan and recovery. This inclusive approach leads to better long-term results. At Tenet Florida, we strive to keep an open dialogue between medical teams, no matter where in the world a patient lives.

Plan Your Trip

Our International Patient Concierge team is available 24 hours each day, seven days per week to assist with coordination of referrals to all of our hospitals. We can be reached at anytime through our dedicated toll free number 1-855-836-3846 or via email at international@tenetflorida.com.

Our International Patient Representatives assist with:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Cost estimates
  • Transportation, including airport pickup and ground or air ambulance (Non-Emergency Ground Transportation Form)
  • Hotel or long-term lodging arrangements for patients and their families
  • Personal escorts to appointments and specialized procedures
  • Interpretation services
  • Special meals honoring dietary requirements
  • Arrangements for special cultural or religious needs

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International patients can request an appointment by contacting the 24-hour International Patient Concierge Center toll free at 1-855-836-3846, using our online contact form, or by email at international@tenetflorida.com.