Health & Wellness by Tenet 



Employer costs for healthcare coverage are rising all the time. Companies are always looking for ways to reduce those costs and ensure their future. Tenet Healthcare offers a solution, one that may offer a stronger bottom line and may mean a stronger, healthier workforce. That solution is Health & Wellness by Tenet.

Most companies provide healthcare benefits, but when you start adding up losses due to unscheduled absences, the effects of chronic diseases, avoidable illness and other health-related issues, your balance sheet can quickly become unbalanced. Even if your company recognizes the need for a stronger emphasis on preventive care, how can you be sure you are managing your healthcare dollars properly?

You can consider the step other leading organizations like yours have taken by partnering with Tenet Healthcare to provide an array of health and wellness services, including on-site medical clinics, health screenings, educational seminars and more. Health & Wellness by Tenet can help you maximize the health of your workforce and optimize the return on your healthcare investment.