Financial Arrangements 
Tenet Florida will assist patients with understanding and managing the financial arrangements for their healthcare. Based on the review of the medical information provided, the International Patient Concierge Center will prepare an estimate of charges for both hospital resources and the physicians involved in a patient’s tentative plan of care. When possible, information regarding any potential additional costs will be provided, such as medical equipment and supplies, pharmacy items or outpatient therapy.

Whether the patient is self-insured or covered by a group health insurance plan, he or she may access healthcare services at any of our Tenet Florida hospitals. Once the patient has received the estimate, the International Patient Concierge Center will work closely with each patient to:

  • Review the costs identified with the proposed treatment plan
  • Verify insurance coverage and identify any restrictions, limitations or co-payments
  • Obtain the appropriate Letter of Guarantee from the patient’s sponsor. (The Letter of Guarantee or proof of insurance coverage must be provided to the International Center at least five days in advance of a scheduled appointment.)

If a patient does not have insurance coverage or verified sponsorship, he or she will be required to pay the estimated charges in full at least five days in advance of the first appointment. To further assist our international patients, our hospitals accept United States bank checks, wire transfers, cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express).


Please Note:

Since it is difficult to identify all factors that can impact each patient’s diagnosis and subsequent treatment recommendations, or to understand the complexity of a disease or condition, until a patient has been examined by our specialists, a proposed plan of care can change after your physician has conducted a thorough evaluation of medical history, and may even change during the treatment process. If necessary, estimated charges will be revised according to the physician’s treatment recommendations.


International patients can request an appointment by contacting the 24-hour International Patient Concierge Center toll free at 1-855-836-3846, using our online contact form, or by email at