Request an Appointment 

Our International Patient Concierge Center provides patients with many services to make travel to the United States and appointments at our hospitals simple and easy.

A dedicated International Patient Representative will assist with all of the arrangements required to confirm an appointment, including:

  • Medical history and reports
  • Personal details (address, insurance information, contact information, language spoken, country traveling from, etc)
  • Imaging and pathology (depending on diagnosis)
  • Any special dietary, religious or ethnic needs

After information is gathered, the International Patient Representative will submit it to the appropriate medical team for review and determination of appropriate medical specialists to provide care.

Our physicians will be available to personally speak with each patient’s referring medical specialists to discuss the condition and potential treatment options to determine an appropriate course of care.

Once the review has been completed (typically 2 to 3 working days), the International Patient Concierge Center will contact the patient or the patient’s physician with a tentative appointment and recommended plan for care. Appointment times will vary depending on medical needs; however, the earliest available appointment will be offered.

Patients are encouraged to make appointments through the International Patient Concierge Center and refrain from traveling to the United States prior to confirming an appointment. The International Patient Representative is responsible for arranging appointments and providing the appointment details. The International Patient Representative will also give patients an orientation to the hospital, help them complete the registration process, advise patients of special services, and answer any questions.

How to Make an Appointment:

Fill out the referral form providing as much information as possible.

  • Save the referral form to your computer.
  • Email the completed referral form to

    International patients can request an appointment by contacting the 24-hour International Patient Concierge Center toll free at 1-855-836-3846, using our online contact form, or by email at